Friday, March 20, 2009

Dissection Time

During the past two weeks, the students have been busy dissecting mussels, perch, and leopard frogs. This past week I began teaching and the fish and frog dissections were mine to instruct. On Wednesday, my cooperating teacher had to leave for an in-school meeting, which lasted the remainder of the day. For me to teach the class legally, the school needs to arrange for a substitute to come in and be there with me. So, I do all the teaching and they surf the net and get paid. Funny how that all works, isn't it?! :) Anyway, no one told the sub that we were dissecting frogs that day. So, I'm walking around to the different lab groups and asking if they need any help with anything--the usual routine. Then the sub comes up to me while I'm helping a group, interrupts us and says that she needs to step out for a moment. She didn't look too good. And before I knew it, she was out the door headed straight for the bathroom! She claims that the chemicals from the frogs made her queasy. Somehow I doubt it.

The mice have all been adopted and are living happily in their new homes.

I have one more week with Laconia. It has been a very fulfilling experience and I have learned a great deal from the teachers there, especially my cooperating teacher, Jodie. She has prepared me more than I could ask for and will be sending me away with some good advice, resources, and some all around good experience under my belt. Nonetheless, it will be good to experience new surroundings. I will most definitely miss many of my students--something I'm not looking forward to.

The dissections all went well, by the way. Pretty good for someone who actually hates dissecting animals and who has never dissected a fish nor a frog! It's all about the preparation, though. If you can prepare thoroughly and well, you will be better prepared than someone who has dissected before but who is unprepared or unorganized. And the key to teaching is be organized and let the students do most of the work... something I'm trying to teach my cooperating teacher about!

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